The “Tradition”

Jon Shematek Epiphany, Reflection, Video, Visio Divina 2 Comments

February 6, 2018

A reflection on the difference between human traditions and God’s will for us.

Based on a portion of the text assigned for today’s Eucharist, Mark 7:5-8, in which Jesus confronts the Pharisees when they complain that his followers do not observe traditions.

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  1. Love this image of clinging. Made me think more deeply of the things I cling to and need to free myself so that Love can enter into my heart and transform the old, create new life.

    1. Post

      Lauren, thanks for your comment. I think your use of “clinging” brings another helpful dimension to this image. I’d been thinking of it as something petrified, stuck in stone, forever. “Clinging” sounds like someone is actively holding on, and is actually a more hopeful view…it is easier to “un-cling” than to release something that is trapped in stone, literally “petrified.”

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