The Cleanup

Jon Shematek Lent, Reflection, Video, Visio Divina 2 Comments

March 4, 2018

A reflection on Jesus, the Cleansing of the Temple, and our own need to challenge the status quo

Based on a portion of the text assigned for today’s Eucharist from the Gospel of John 2:13-17, in which Jesus overturns the tables of the money-changers and causes a commotion in the Temple of Jerusalem

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  1. Facilitating Seeing the Face of God in Each Other to encourage parishioners to work to dismantle racism in their lives, faith community, workplace, community can feel like cleansing the temple. Racism is so ingrained in our DNA. This image is vey helpful. There is a lot of ‘stuff’ to gather and throw out. We need to use various kinds of instruments and voices to make changes in our lives and culture.

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      Prayers for your session today. As I will mention in my sermon later this morning, turning tables and disruption is “dangerous, especially to the status quo.” Keep up this important anti-racism work!

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