The Anointing

Jon Shematek Holy Week, Reflection, Visio Divina 2 Comments

March 31, 2018  Holy Saturday

A reflection on the kindness of two persons who anointed Jesus’ body for burial.

Based on a portion of the text assigned from the Gospel of John 19:38-42, in which Joseph of Arithmathea and Nicodemus prepare Jesus’ body for burial, with an invitation to maintain a quiet, prayerful vigil until our next visit to the tomb.

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  1. Today is a day of quiet, shock, going through the motions of what needs to be done, wondering how this horrible death could have happened. Sorrow, pain, anguish. Fear of tomorrow. And yet coming together to grieve the loss of one who is loved, one who loved, the one who calls us to love. Now some of what he has said becomes clearer and we understand a little more his life and journey with us. For now, the tears and anguish of missing the one we love. Together we will do what is necessary to support one another in this desolate place.

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