The Door

Jon Shematek Easter, Reflection, Visio Divina 1 Comment

April 8, 2018  The Second Sunday of Easter

A reflection on unlocking the door of our heart to allow the peace and love of the Risen Lord to enter.

Based on a portion of the Gospel text for today from John (20:24-28) in which Jesus appears to the disciples, now including Thomas, to offer words of peace and a sign of the Resurrection.

Comments 1

  1. This reflection made me ponder that sometimes the key to unlocking the door is letting go of Ego–that which tell us we are right and others are wrong, we are hurt by others and they are wrong, or that we are the only ones that understand how something happened. Sometimes that Ego door does not want to open because of fear of the pain and wounds that will be felt. Yet it is in letting go and opening that door that Love and Peace and Reconciliation flow in to heal. It takes courage and trust in the One who Loves us first to open the Ego door. I wonder if the apostles would have seen Jesus standing there in their midst if they had not let go of what they thought they knew?

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