The Harvest

Jon Shematek Pentecost, Reflection, Visio Divina 2 Comments

June 17, 2018

A reflection on the distant impact of seeds that we plant in others.

Based on a portion of the text assigned for today from the Gospel of Mark (4:26-29), in which Jesus points out that the person who plants the seeds has no idea how they actually develop, grow and mature…yet does know when to harvest the fruits of labor.

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  1. Happy 29th Anniversary Jon. In these 29 years + you have planted many seeds. Hope you see the abundant produce and rejoice!

    1. Post

      Dear Lauren,

      My heart is overflowing with gratitude for these years of friendship, encouragement and ministry together. You have taught me so much, and continue to do incredible work for reconciliation among peoples, and for the advancement of diaconal ministries. I have a feeling that neither of us is quite ready to sit back and watch the garden grow. Blessings on this happy day when recall our ordination vows, and try to find ways to live into them.

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