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Jon Shematek Pentecost, Reflection, Visio Divina 2 Comments

June 22, 2018

A reflection on opportunities to forgive.

Based on a portion of the text assigned for today from the Gospel of Matthew (18:21-22), in which Peter asks Jesus about the sufficient number of times to forgive another.  We are invited to consider the possibility of one more time.

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  1. Forgiving what is happening today, the repeated lies, the acts of violence towards the most vulnerable in the name of national security–is really difficult for me. And yet that is what we are called today to be in conversation with people who are doing and supporting these things. I want to run away. I want to scream. I want to numb myself to all this. And yet I must listen to the things that make my blood pressure boil and ask– where do you hurt so much that you are willing to do violence to children and parents seeking a better like for themselves. asking what do you fear. I really believe all this violence is coming from ‘fear of the other’ and fear destroys all of us. So, there is a need to forgive people who are in the ‘grip’ of ‘fear’ and love them as much we love ourselves and the vulnerable children and parents.. Thank you for this meditation and the picture. Imaging people that I need to converse with as different variety of rocks both smooth and jagged helps!

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      Lauren, thanks for your words. You clearly describe the tightrope that people of the Jesus Movement and other (I believe ALL other) faith traditions walk. Can we be both a forgiving and compassionate people as well as ones who speak out and act out against evil and hatred that is so pervasive today? The answer has to be “Yes!” Please God, let it be “Yes!”

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