The Symbol

Jon Shematek Pentecost, Reflection, Visio Divina 1 Comment

July 4, 2018

A reflection on US Independence Day, and the values on which the country was founded.

Based on a portion of the text assigned for today from the prophet Micah, in which he envisions an end to wars and a time of peace for all nations.

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  1. Sadly this year I am not inspired by seeing the US flag. We have never lived into the words of our forefathers- I even wonder if they understood what they were writing. They were inspired to write words that we continue to strive to live into- that I can celebrate. Micah speaks loudly to me as always. It is not US first. We are called to see God in all peoples, strangers, people we disagree with, people who appear to be unconscious of what needs to be done for the COMMON GOOD, as well as people we cherish as friends. So for me this 4th, I will lament and pray for courage and strength to continue with the hope that Micah envisioned so long ago. Thank you for this picture of our flag and the meditation. My heart is full with sadness and hope.

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