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December 4, 2018  Tuesday of the First Week of Advent

An image of a burial ground in Advent? A bit incongruous, you may think, perhaps better suited to an approaching Easter. Yet Jesus announces in today’s Gospel (John 5:24-27) the presence, here and now, of the Voice that gives life to those who are thought to be dead. Consider some part of you that you think may be dead, that yearns with hope, that silently waits for the presence of the Divine One. Listen! This is a perfect time to listen carefully for the exquisitely beautiful Voice that will open your heart and prepare your soul for the arrival of the Blessed Presence in your life.

Music: “jenseits von gut und bose”    Album langsam!   Artist: Dee Yan-Key

Image: “Burial Ground”   Location: Antigua, Guatemala   Photographer: Jon Shematek

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