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December 5, 2018  Wednesday of the First Week of Advent

There is something wondrous about the aroma of freshly-baked, warm bread. Bread (or an analogue, depending on one’s culture or preference) provides something basic, satisfying, and necessary for physical life itself. No surprise that bread in an unleavened form is featured in the Passover remembrance, or in the form of manna as our Jewish forebears journeyed through the Wilderness, or that it has since assumed a sacramental significance for followers of the Jesus Movement. Jesus tells his friends in today’s Gospel (John 6:57-63) that whoever eats this bread will live forever. Some who heard this could not accept it, and went another way. What about you? As you plunge deeper into Advent, and its meaning for you, what bread sustains your waiting soul spiritually on your journey?

Music: “jenseits von gut und bose”    Album langsam!   Artist: Dee Yan-Key

Image: “Bread”   Location: Galicia, Spain   Photographer: Jon Shematek

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