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December 7, 2018  Friday of the First Week of Advent

If only we knew exactly when and where to expect the Savior to arrive! Then we could organize ourselves, get our lives aligned, perhaps even forgive someone or (even more amazingly) ask for forgiveness. If only! That is precisely the problem. Jesus keeps reminding us that the Unexpected One is coming into our lives. In today’s Gospel lesson (Luke 12:35-37,42-44), it is the master of the household, returning from a wedding feast at some unknown hour. The crystal clear advice is to be ready, light your lamps, be dressed and ready to act. Meaning that we must always be prepared. Only those who are alert and ready will open the doors to their hearts, to their souls, to the core of their being…and allow the Holy One to enter.

Music: “jenseits von gut und bose”    Album langsam!   Artist: Dee Yan-Key

Image: “Locked Doors”   Location: Soriano nel Cimino, Italy  Photographer: Jon Shematek

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