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Bless us, O God, in this holy season, in which our hearts seek your help and healing; and so purify us by your discipline that we may grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Look. This image is a sculpture named the “Wound Stone.”  What is your first impression?  Then look more deeply to get a sense of the massive size of this piece.  What captures your attention, or elicits some emotion? 

Reflect. This sculpture, with its stark, gaping cleft, is dedicated to the many volunteers who helped clean up the effects of a massive, damaging oil spill on the Atlantic coast of Spain.  As we pray the Collect today, we ask for the help and healing.  The experience of being wounded is universal.  For some of us, it seems that these wounds are fresh, as deep as the chasm in the sculpture, so deep they will never heal.   For others, they are well-healed, yet scars remain as a reminder.  The need for healing is universal as well. If asked who or what needs the restoration of wholeness, you would likely quickly list persons (perhaps including yourself), institutions or systems, nations, the environment. What came first to your mind?  Who or what needs healing?

Act.  Pray fervently for healing where it is needed most.  Realize that each one of us can hurt and wound others, but more vitally, we each have the ability to be a source and instrument of healing.  Pray for guidance to understand how you can help bind up the brokenhearted.  Then do something.

Thanks for taking part in New and Contrite Hearts. Your comments are very welcome—let others know what you saw and experienced. Until next time, may you have a most blessed Lent.

Music: “Ambient Sonata”  /Album:  Ambient Sonata  /Artist: Dee Yan-Key

Image:   ‘Pedra da Ferida’ (‘Wound Stone’) by Spanish sculptor Alberto Bañuelos /Place:  Muxía, Galicia, Spain     /Photographer: Jon Shematek